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About 90% of the time required to bring Santa’s Aching Back to life was spent sitting at my kitchen table using pencils, ink and chalk or peering into a computer monitor learning Photoshop and illustrating on the fly.  After months of being bleary eyed and butt weary, I asked myself  “Why am I doing this?”  Two answers crept into my consciousness: It would be pretty cool watching people read my book. Also, I have benefitted from the kindness of others, especially the local chapters of MDALS and ALS Association, and want, at some point, to repay their kindness.


A yet to be named sequel to Santa’s Aching Back is in the works.  There is a mystery at the North Pole which will introduce three of Santa’s elves - Edgar, a cantankerous Scot, Roscoe, an African-American and Willy, a novice.  You will also meet Rudolph Clause, the name-sake for that red-nosed reindeer.

Planned for release in August 2013.

Aliens! In South St. Louis?  A story of aliens from planet Bo-Go-Gazend who invade a South St. Louis neighborhood.  The aliens, who disguise themselves as insurance agents, are discovered by some neighborhood children who dedicate themselves to running Bo-Go-Gazendians out of their area.  This sets in motion a plan that might just work.  The moral of this story is that, “Sometimes losing is the best thing that can happen.”

Planned release is sometime in 2014.



My last drawing project is illustrating a book written by my mother about growing up during The Great Depression. It is titled The Summer of the Lamb.  My sisters, brother and I have long wanted to share mom’s story.  This is a spare time project.

Coffee and Art

Hill Bohemia is the name my friend Paul and I chose for a combination art gallery and coffee shop we hope to open in the heart of The Hill.  We are renovating the space and reviewing codes, inspections and handicapped access requirements.  Paul is still working and I have been occupied with writing and illustrating, but we manage work a little every week. Our target for opening Hill Bohemia is 2013, subject to when inspections can be scheduled and what they find.