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The Parents' Section was added to Santa’s Aching Back because I thought would be fun.  It is a dozen questions about Santa Clause, some of which can be answered directly from the book. Others may require a little imagination. If you come up with some great answers, please email a copy to me at

Following are a dozen questions parents can discuss with their young readers.  These questions are meant to stimulate discussion about Santa's Aching Back and Santa in general.   After formulating an answer,  please compare it with the one the opposite page.

1.  Why isn’t Rudolf leading Santa's sleigh?

2.  What does Santa like most about the Christmas Season?

3.  What does Santa like least about Christmas?

4.  Does Santa eat all the cookies and milk children set out for him?

5.  How do children get the presents if they have no chimney?

6.  Why does Santa wear a red and white suit and drive a red sleigh?

7.  What’s up with the biplane?

8.  Does Santa really use moldy beard shampoo?

9.  Who makes the toys for Christmas if Santa is away from the North
     Pole for 363 days?

10. Why would Santa want to be away from the North Pole or so long?

11. Is Santa's Aching Back a true story?

12. Is Santa Clause real?